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 Check-up Prémium

The Premium check-up or health check-up is the most complete of the health check-ups currently practiced. This report is intended in particular for executives and business leaders, embassy staff, and all those who wish to preserve their health capital.

bilan de santé

For what ?

Prevention and prevention against the risk of illness and health accidents

It's what ?

An in-depth biological assessment of several

dozens of analyzes

of blood 


and saddles

supplemented if necessary   and as the case may be by other appropriate analyses.

This assessment allows the detectionof several pathologies:

Screening for infection

Screening for inflammation

Screening for anemia and leukemia

Diabetes screening and prediabetes

Lipid Disorder Screening

Screening for calcium-potassium disorder

Protein Disorder Screening

Screening for hepatitis AB and C

Screening for vitamin D deficiency

Screening for vitamin B12 deficiency

HIV testing (optional)

Serum iron and ferritin assay

PSA test (prostate cancer)

Liver Disorder Screening

Kidney Dysfunction Screening

Screening for thyroid dysfunction


Results of the assessment after a few days (2 to 4 days), recorded and detailed.

The results are submitted and explained by the centre's medical director with:

personalized advice.

prevention advice.

lifestyle advice.

nutritional advice.

anti-stress tips.

and anti-aging preventive vitamin therapy.

Annual and periodic follow-up recommended for effective prevention.

Check-up process

Make an appointment to do

check-up at home or in the office


blood test + urine/stool collection​

  If you are an interested one Premium check-up, Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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