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Feeling of deafness? heaviness? buzzing? hearing loss? pain in support? 

After taking the constants (temperature / weight / height / oxygen saturation / blood pressure / heartbeat)

We will examine your ears: auditory canal and eardrum using a camera to see what is wrong?

if a block of earwax is found without signs / stigmata of infection => this is the indication for washing the ear 

You are prescribed a ceruminolytic   (drop to soften and dissolve the block of earwax) to finish completely within two days and come back to see us to complete the washing.

if we find pus or other secretions or stigmata of bacterial or mycological infections  or a perforation of the eardrum => washing in this case is contraindicated we prescribe the appropriate treatment and we asked to come back for a check.

What is cerumen?

Yellowish waxy substance secreted at the level of the auditory canal at the external part.

its function is to:   lubricate, clean, purify, retain dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

Automatically when we push the earwax with the cotton swab inside the duct near the eardrum, we train with all the dirt: potential sources of infection.

If we push further, we can cause hearing loss.

Worse if you push further you can damage the eardrum or perforate it.


Earwax is not a disease, but it needs to be treated and removed.

It is nevertheless essential to observe a certain number of precautions aimed at not damaging the ear and avoiding complications.
In addition, it is totally inadvisable to try to remove an earwax blockage using a cotton swab or any other pointed object.
The plug will not be removed and may be further packed into the back of the ear, which could cause damage to the eardrums and induce hearing problems.

The cotton swab, this product that continues to be misused.
You can use it for all sorts of things, but don't put it in your ear.

This is a good example of a product whose brand image is too deeply rooted in the collective consciousness for us to be able to make consumers understand that they have always been using it inappropriately.
Applying make-up, nail polish, washing a baby or even using the cotton swab to do the housework, all of this is welcome except for the main use that we continue to make of it.

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