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We have developed a learning model that not only ensures the transmission of practical knowledge, but also to help others.

We invite physicians interested in learning circumcision to pay for patients in need to attend their proceedings.

This hands-on approach allows physicians  to acquire the skills necessary to perform circumcisions safely and successfully.

This method is a direct practical projection which will allow the doctor by observing the live procedure, to learn the most effective techniques and to pose all the real-time questions for better understanding.

Our doctor will be at your side to help you acquire the necessary techniques.

By choosing this option, you will also help people who need medical care.

It is important to note that paying for a patient to attend their procedure circumcision does not mean that you are going to perform the procedure on the patient in question.

This personalized training aims to help you acquire the skills necessary to perform circumcisions, but that does not mean that you will immediately start to perform on patients.

You will need to complete the training and gain hands-on experience before you can perform

procedures on patients.

We committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients, and we take this very seriously.

If you are interested in learning circumcision, we are here to help, but we would like to point out that this requires additional commitment and training before to be able to perform procedures on patients.

We consider the transmission of knowledge to be a priority and we are happy to share our expertise with other physicians seeking to learn.

If you are a doctor interested in learning about circumcision, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our learning model.

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