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A wound does not only happen to others..

on the finger, face or limbs,

Don't panic

first thing to do is to calm down,

take a deep breath 

hold your breath for 5 seconds

and then blow...repeat 6 times

the less stressed you are the less you will bleed


Wash your hands with soap.

Clean the wound with a glove, a piece of cloth or a sterile compresses,water and soap or hydrogen peroxide.

Avoid using cotton which may leave fibers in the wound

The cleaning is done from the center of the wound towards its periphery and is also done on the surrounding skin which is always more or less soiled.

Clean the wound with an antiseptic

Avoid rubbing the wound as it can be painful and may cause it to bleed, dab it instead.

If the wound begins to bleed, put on a compress if possible soaked in hydrogen peroxide, exert uniform pressure on the entire wound for 30 continuous seconds.

If the wound is on the scalp, cut the hair close to the wound with blunt scissors.

Leave small abrasions in the open air, if they are not likely to be soiled.

Otherwise, cover them with a plaster.​

Remove superficial foreign bodies (soil, gravel, twigs, splinters...) with tweezers.

Do not try to remove a foreign body that turns out to be deeply embedded in the wound.

You can send a picture of your wound directly to our doctor on whatsapp

he will help you assess the risk and the urgency

For all

Major or minor wounds?

Diabetic wounds? burns? cuts? 

No more waiting for hours in an emergency room!

Our doctor will assess your wound, we will tell you if stitches are   necessary.

Get your tetanus shot booster immediately if needed.

Our doctor  uses an aesthetic technique  of cutaneous suture   to optimize healing.

We will make your band-Aid  according to your type of wound.

We will teach you the monitoring elements to take into account.

We will teach you how to re-bandage.

We offer you regular follow-up according to the monitoring required by your situation.

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