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Content of the pack:

The My Perfect Colon box contains:
• 1 My Perfect Colon device (with 3 m spiral hose, flow regulator, connection for Phyto Regula, suction cup holder, flexible hose, direction control valve);
• 1 metal filter with external thread;
• 1 metal filter with internal thread;
• 12 rectal cannulas;
• 1 key to unscrew the filters;
• 1 My Perfect Colon case
• 1 User manual





My Perfect Colon is an innovative intestinal washing system to do at home: it is practical, safe, simple and effective.

Thanks to its special filter, My Perfect Colon connects easily and in a few moments to the tap of the sink or bidet, allows intestinal washing while you are comfortably seated on your toilet, and does not require you to move to evacuate.

My Perfect Colon is also ideal for good intimate hygiene of the rectum; for its operation it exploits the water pressure, without electricity and without battery and guarantees maximum hygiene, easy use and total security.

This is thanks to innovative technical solutions, such as the valve for automatic water flow control (patent *), the special filter to be fitted to the tap on first use, or the flexible hose which adapts to the requirements of the user and makes the use of My Perfect Colon comfortable.

With My Perfect Colon you can wash your bowel every day and any time of the day, as soon as you feel the need.

My Perfect Colon softens hardened and encrusted faecal waste in the folds of the intestinal wall, thereby freeing the colon and reactivating its correct functioning.

Thanks to My Perfect Colon the intestines will then regenerate and offer you an extraordinary and surprising sensation of general well-being, both physical and mental.

The constant use of My Perfect Colon will prolong its benefits over time, will restore your regularity and prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body.

My Perfect Colon allows a gentle, delicate and natural wash, thanks to the action of water and without any medication.

My Perfect Colon is not bulky and can travel with you in its practical case.

My Perfect Colon: a healthy habit for a long and healthy life!


Benefits of colon cleansing:


Many disorders and pathologies can result, more or less directly, from a malfunction of the intestines or from insufficient rectal hygiene.
Indeed, when the intestine does not function properly, the food remains spread in the body and produce a kind of "self-intoxication", which causes all kinds of symptoms which one does not generally attribute to bad functioning of the intestines.
Furthermore, proper functioning of the intestine is the key to our immunity: when its functioning is compromised, the whole organism becomes more vulnerable.
"It can be said that most diseases are the result of a malfunction of the intestine"
(Christian Tal Schaller - French specialist in qualitative dietetics and natural medicine)
Malfunction of the intestines can cause:
Acne (Pimples, rashes), Anxiety, irritability, Hemorrhoids, Flatulence, Meteorism, Bad breath, Insomnia (sleep disorders), Cellulitis, Allergies, Colitis (and irritable bowel syndrome), Constipation, Digestive disorders, Prostatitis.

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