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Cupping therapy, also known as "hijama" in Arabic, is an ancient therapy that is gaining more and more followers today.

It is a prophetic medicine recommended by the Prophet and is distinguished by three stages: suction, scarification, and then suction again.

1 - The first step involves applying cups to the skin, which creates a relative vacuum that dilates the pores and superficial blood vessels (capillaries).

2 - The second step involves making small superficial incisions or scarifications in specific locations.

3 - Finally, cups are applied again to the incised or scarified areas to extract blood, which provides relief to the patient.

However, this procedure can also be performed without incisions, which is called "dry cupping therapy." At our medical clinic, you can receive a hijama session with or without incisions.

bénifice du cupping


Cupping therapy aims to

> Stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

> Strengthen the immune system.

> Restore hormonal balance.

The most common sensation/impression reported by patients after a session is feeling lighter.

Hijama is a natural practice that removes bad blood and allows for good blood circulation in the body, especially in affected areas.

It is recommended to follow the frequency prescribed by the physician, which can range from once every three weeks to once every six months for those suffering from allergies, migraines, or using hijama as a preventative medicine.

It has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a therapy that can cure certain diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and acne.

It can

> Regulate blood pressure.

 > Normalize white blood cell count.

 > Eliminate cardiac enzymes.

Additionally, hijama can

> Increase the level of iron and natural cortisone.

> Decrease bad cholesterol.

> Relieve pain.

> Treat psoriasis and hemorrhoids.

According to the WHO, this non-conventional therapy can

> Normalize excess.

> Purify the blood.

> Compensate for certain deficiencies in the body.

bénifice du cupping

"Cupping therapy" "can cure infertility and stress" according to patients. However, to confer all therapeutic benefits to it, is a stretch.

What is mentioned by studies conducted by American scientists is its effectiveness in treating facial paralysis.

It should be noted, however, that hijama cannot be performed on certain patients, including pregnant women, young children, the elderly and frail, as well as those on anticoagulant treatment.

Although it does not have a curative effect, it can be preventive for certain pathologies, specifically for joint pain.

Therefore, caution must be exercised in its practice, especially for patients with chronic illnesses who should never stop their treatment assuming that hijama will suffice, as this is how complications can arise.

In our clinic, all precautions are taken before performing the bloodletting.

If you are coming for the first time, you must first have a medical consultation. Our doctor and nurse will conduct an interview and clinical examination to determine the patients' medical history and treatments before performing hijama, searching for relative or absolute contraindications.

For a second time or if you are already our patient (we have your medical record), you can benefit from the session directly.

The patient will also benefit from monitoring of vital signs:

Heart rate or pulse (HR)

Respiratory rate (RR)

Oxygen saturation (SaO2)

Blood pressure (BP)


Weight and height

Also, with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment, in case of any doubt, within minutes and with a simple drop of blood, we can measure:

Their hemoglobin level to see if they are not anemic,

Their sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin level to see if their glycemic balance is good

Their cholesterol level to see if they do not have dyslipidemia.

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