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A lipoma is not dangerous, it is a benign tumor made up of fat, usually does not cause any complications.

It is only embarrassing for the affected person on the aesthetic level .

We do not really know the origin of the formation of this type of tumor, all we know is the result of the multiplication (and proliferation) of fat cells whose role is to store fat in the body.

 The fat inside is exactly the same as normal subcutaneous fat.


There are different kinds of lipomas but the most common is the subcutaneous lipoma which forms a ball under the skin: this "ball of fat", It comes in the form of a soft ball to the touch.

Of variable size, it can appear on different parts of the body: in particular on the neck, chest, arms or breasts, when it is a cutaneous lipoma.

But it can exist almost anywhere inside the body: stomach, lungs, brain, liver, lip, scalp, back, breast, arms, neck, and even on the face.

There are also men who have a lot of them, around twenty, thirty... It is a disease / condition of the skin which causes these sebaceous cysts.

We speak of lipomatosis when a person has several lipomas on the body.

The treatment, when necessary, is surgery, especially when the lipoma is in a delicate and troublesome location, and if it is very large.

During the consultation, our doctor will examine your mass, measure it and see if it has no adhesion to the superficial plane or the deep plane, then he will complete his examination with an ultrasound to get an idea of its content. its limits and its vascularization.

At the end of the consultation he will explain and help you decide if surgery is necessary, or simple monitoring is sufficient.

You can send the photos of your suspicious lumps directly to the doctor, and ask your questions

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