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Office Based Surgery / Chirurgie basee au cabinet, what is it?


It is expensive to consider a hospital stay for simple skin lesions that can be treated

on an outpatient basis (at the office). Our doctor holds an inter-university diploma from the Sorbonne University in Paris

in outpatient surgery has a perfect command of emergency care and can perform a range of procedures while

ensuring a better scarring result:


Removal of a benign skin anomaly (cyst, wart, etc.)

drainage of a skin abscess.. 
Posthectomy / Circumcision
Labial and Lingual Frenulum Removal Surgery / Frenectomy
Surgery of nails, skin and appendages
Ingrown toenail removal surgery
Wart removal surgery
Hot/cold soft tissue abscess surgery
Puncture / drainage of fluid cyst / necrotic adenopathy
Lipoma removal surgery
Fistula and fissure surgery
Aesthetic (intradermal) suture of wounds
Intra-articular infiltration
Mole removal surgery
Chalazion removal surgery
Care and pressure ulcer surgery / necrosectomy


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